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Monday, February 9, 2009

Mae Hong Son and Pai.. No regrets.

Wanna get carsick? Go to Mae Hong Son, Thailand! Drive from Chiang Mai to reach this beautiful destination in three or four hours depending on your driving skill. The road ventures through mountains and hills, and it will make you feel like quit midway. You have no choice but to go on since turning back does not solve your problem plus, you don't want to miss an opportunity to be there. December to january is best time to go since it's cool and windy. Feel the fresh breeze and watch beautiful sceneries along the way in this green part of the country.

A noontime view of carsickening road and lush greenery

Green trees, blue sky view at a hilly stop

Morning country by the road

Mae Hong Son is one place where you can visit a unique long-neck village still exist. A culture well preserved is here you may have never seen in your own hometown. Look at the picture, have an idea of what i mean.

A pretty girl at the Long-Neck Village

Our next destination was Pai! which is about one hour drive from where we stay in Mae Hong Son, on the way back to Chiang Mai. We spent a night there, and it is a beautiful place with lots of tourists. Upon arival, we ate at (from what i heard) the best local restaurant in town. Our forever wait for a Som Tam (typical Thai delicacy you might want to try) kind of prove that they are right. We stopped at a coffee shop by the roadside and took some pictures. It is called "Coffee In Love". What a name! It seems to be a famous place, I saw few days ago the sign board of that shop in a local newspaper.

One of the many resorts in Pai

The surprizing signboard photo of mine

Little did i know that this is a pretty well visited place of Thailand. So there goes my journey to Mae Hong Son which I will reminisce vividly by its long-neck culture, and little Pai for its surprizing beauty, milestones, and signboards! Didn't regret it, an adventure, a 2009 kickoff!


Daniel and Bekah Moor said...

Hey, nice update! Can't wait to get some pictures of rock climbing up on here!

koben said...

Hot few pictures of those exist along the road but not very catchy in this area. They need clearing. Will show you next time!

Fonฝน~* said...

hello sir!! :)

Fonฝน~* said...

greeting kor greeting - -^

post the picture noii dii ^^
i want arr XD

koben said...

im still busy. be patient ok?
i'll tell you when i post the pictures.

Fonฝน~* said...

i got those pictures laew laa 555 ^^ thx na kraab : )