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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Dream Wall

Full view of the wall

That rocky mountain is now my dream destination. Up on the rural side of capital Bangkok about 2 hours drive on highway northeastward to Kangkoi, Saraburi is this mountain range with rock walls worthy to concur.

Top half view

Imagine the awe of hanging there at the middle part of the formation, making history for all rock climbers. There are many famous places of climb in Thailand including world's superb in Krabi, but i think this might be another great one yet to be discovered. It might as well be a more challenging wall the way it look.

A closer look at where you would hang

Would this become another sanctuary of great climb? If routes are in place, who knows climbers will come in. So there goes a wall, a dream to concur, and the desire for a wonderful time..


Lerie said...

Hey glad you finally updated! Nice pix! tc.

Gallivanter said...

That looks amazing!


Daniel and Bekah Moor said...

That is a great picture! Maybe we can climb that someday!

koben said...

im glad i had a chance to take that picture. i actually have some more pictures of walls around that area. if you guys want please request so i can post some of them next time. hey we go climb that wall some day!