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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Dream Wall

Full view of the wall

That rocky mountain is now my dream destination. Up on the rural side of capital Bangkok about 2 hours drive on highway northeastward to Kangkoi, Saraburi is this mountain range with rock walls worthy to concur.

Top half view

Imagine the awe of hanging there at the middle part of the formation, making history for all rock climbers. There are many famous places of climb in Thailand including world's superb in Krabi, but i think this might be another great one yet to be discovered. It might as well be a more challenging wall the way it look.

A closer look at where you would hang

Would this become another sanctuary of great climb? If routes are in place, who knows climbers will come in. So there goes a wall, a dream to concur, and the desire for a wonderful time..

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Hike To The Future

About six hours of journey took us to this place unconnected by road. Semban Village hiked us through hills and across the Bengoh mountain range in the much greener part of Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, Malaysia. Our encounter with this one of the many exotic locations in Borneo Island was amazing. We started pitching our tents on a field when the village chief told us it would be better to locate them inside the community hall down the hilly village area near the football ground. Although we wanted to be out in the nature, the somewhat funny idea kept us dry.
Our presence evidently caused the children mimics of curiosity. At some point I wonder if it is a sense of terror, of unexpected intrusion. Afterall how many people from outside come to play with them? Our football friendly seemed to be helping in narrowing the gap between us and so taking some pictures was alot easier and more welcomed. It was a pleasant experience in all. Look at their expressions! That was after the football match. They overcame us! We got beaten hard. It was without pain though as our purpose was merely friendship, and along the way enjoying ourselves. We learnt something in the process.
They taught us alot about happiness. This happiness we may loose if our schedules do not allow us to have time to play. These little citizens will be our future teachers of how life used to be beautiful. Our granchildren will be reminded of how the life we own can be full of zest despite the absence of internet and stuff. All they need was a football, and of course, each other. I suppose it is not so much about the ball as it is about the meaningful time they spend together. If we learn from them we might find a great lesson about life.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Buddy Iguana

Hello everyone. Today marks the first day of article post in my blog. This iguana buddy becomes the chosen one for my first theme's icon. I was strolling during my recent vacation and saw buddy iguana in his house at Nong Nooch Garden Resort, Pattaya, Thailand. I took his pictures while he was stylishly posing, ever ready for the camera. How photogenic that is!
There was my lifelong cherished vacation, the encounter with buddy iguana, another interesting adventure of my life. So long buddy, may you live happily ever after..